Chonzie Investments (Pty) Ltd is a Civil Construction company. The focus of the company is to deliver a reliable, safe, quality, comprehensive portfolio of construction services in the country and its client. Our business is to engineer, implement and support dependable civil and building construction services. Our principles are stronghold in terms of our performances.
The company has been incorporated to bring onto the market, a new dynamic service provider with a 21st Century Perspective to the manner of service delivery. We are customer centric, placing the client at the center of all services that we render. The intention is to provide to our clients the comprehensive and holistic services. Taking advantage of all the latest technology available on the market, company is able to offer services that are not only efficient but also reliable and good value for money.
The company consists of a highly trained professional work team, who are determined to contribute to the mainstream of the economy, and educate the community to archive economic independent developments

  • Creativity
  • Quality and affordable services
  • Reliability and credibility
  • Skills development and transfer
  • Promotion on offering participation in skills development opportunities
  • Quality leadership
  • Innovation and trust
  • Professionalism
  • To achieve leadership in our industry
  • To create partnership with well-established companies, as well as young growing companies
  • To execute highly technical projects
  • The company aims to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable social development through community up-lifting
  • The company views its leadership team as a key source of competitive advantage and has implemented a growth strategy to reveal advanced methodology to prepare them for sustainable development. This team comprises of highly trained civil and structural engineers, electrical engineers, surveyors, artisans in all areas of construction.
  • To treat our clients with great respect and deliver quality services within a set time
  • To meet all required standards within the construction industry
  • Creating job opportunities, skill development and empowering communities

Our policies are based on the code of:

  • Acknowledgement of our social accountability towards the workforce, and the community
    where business is conducted.
  • Maintain public accountability and indemnity insurance to look after customers against
    probable loss.
  • Devotion to industry, existing statutory and regulatory necessities.

OSH Act Compliance

  • Our company believe in the safety of our workers and the environment and the risked and danger encompassing this trade.

We are a Level 2 contributor with procurement recognition of 125%. For more information and for a copy of our BEE Certificate on the download page.

  • Black owned
  • Black empowered
  • Women owned
  • Women empowered
  • B-BBEE verified

Our team

Queen Chonzie


Chonzie Investments (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015. It is 100% black owned and represented by Mrs. KQ Chonzie. She holds a BComm in Accounting degree.

Currently, the company employs forty-three employees. In an effort to uplift our communities, all our casual staff are chosen from the community where the project is based.

The final team that saw the two Gamsberg projects to completion